A complete Guide to Leather Shirts

A complete Guide to Leather Shirts

When someone talks about leather garments, the only thing that pops in our head is a bomber style leather jacket. After all, leather jackets are one of the most stylish and chic outerwear for both men and women alike. Leather jackets have been around for a century, and until now, they have gained only more and more popularity.

However, in recent years, the trend for leather shirts have gained much momentum amongst fashion-conscious women and men. They are made up of pure leather just like leather jackets, but the only difference is that they are made up of a soft fabric underneath as they are typically worn without any inner shirt. If you are new to the concept of leather shirts, here is a complete guide for you about these modern yet stylish newly emerging trends

Are these shirts made up of pure leather shirts?

As mentioned previously, leather shirts are made up of pure leather. However, there are varieties of leather depending upon your price range. If you want to go for a leather shirt that is low priced, various companies are offering the substitute. But if your wallet allows it, go for napa leather, as these are extra soft fibres used for constructing women’s and men’s leather shirts that are stylish yet comfortable and give you an edgy look.Metal Business Cards

Like leather jackets, leather shirts come in faux as well, which is a synthetic fibre especially constructed to mimic original leather’s appearance and qualities. You can expect to pay less for faux shirts than a genuine leather shirt.

Color options

If you wonder that just like typical shirts, these shirts also have various colors, you might be wrong. The two most popular colors are black and brown. Brown colored shirts give a more classic and retro look, whereas black leather shirts give a modern touch to your appearance.

However, these shirts can be made in different colors to match your style and personality. Another most popular color is white that matches almost every other color and looks super cool as well.

Short sleeves vs. long sleeves

These shirts come in both sleeve size, short and long. So how to choose from them? If you intend to wear them in summer and springtime to look super stylish and in the meanwhile want to severe yourself from extreme temperatures, opt for half sleeves shirt or even sleeveless shirts. But if you are going to wear them during the winter and fall season, the full sleeves shirts will provide you with style and warmth and will work you a 2 in 1 purpose; leather shirt jacket.

What type of pants should you wear with your leather shirt?

The one thing that must be admired about these shirts is their high level of versatility. You can pair them up with a large variety of other garments. So what exactly should you wear with it to look chic and cool?

Leather pants are the most suitable all-around choice to pair up with these shirts. Like the shirts, they are also made up of genuine leather, and as a result, they will pretty much match with whatever garment you will wear them with, including your super stylish shirts.

Another option is to wear them with denim jeans that are a perfect choice if you want to wear something comfortable. A pair of high-quality jeans will give you a timeless style that will complement the appearance of your leather shirts.

How can you clean these shirts?

If you are a clean freak, this question probably would have crossed your mind while spending a large sum on your leather shirts. Unlike regular fabric that can be cleaned simply by spinning them in a washing machine with liquid soaps or detergent powders, these shirts are a mystery to clean. If you are planning to do the same with your leather shirt, advise you to stop right there. Placing these shirts in the washing machine may technically clean them but will also result in causing permanent damage to the material. Whenever you see a stain or blemish on your shirt, gently clean it using a mild soap and water. Run the washcloth over the stain and leave it to air dry. Do not hang your leather outdoors directly under the sun as it will do more harm to the fibres than good.

Just like other pieces of clothing, it is very important to condition your leather shirt on a regular basis. A good leather conditioner will increase the lifetime of these shirts and prevent them from cracking and splitting open.

No matter what people believe, these shirts are highly versatile and the most suitable option for those who want to jazz their wardrobe up a little.