Adventure Riding a Bike: A Beginner’s Guide to How to Get Started

Adventure Riding a Bike: A Beginner’s Guide to How to Get Started

Adventure Riding

No doubt riding on the long asphalts allows you and your soul to be boosted. Whether we talk about mindfulness or discuss the spiritual and health benefits of adventure riding on a bike, there are so many things that you got with this action. But, as there are so many benefits of trending on the bike, there are also many precautions that you must take care of for safe and healthy riding. If you are fond of traveling and don't know how to start an adventure riding a bike, then we take your back. We have crafted a fully organized guide on how to ride on bike for an adventurous road trip. On the other hand, if you are thinking that there is only passion that needs to become a good adventure bike rider, then you are taking it mistakenly. 

Whether we talk about the type of riding bike or discuss the safety gear’s importance, there is a list of things that matters a lot to be a good adventurer on a bike. Do you want to know what type of bike you should use for adventure riding a bike? Have you got all the safety measurements you need to be a good rider? Do you know where to start your journey to become an adventurer rider on the bike? Well, to address all these and many other kinds of questions, we will discuss each aspect of this matter in this blog. So, let us start to discuss what type of bike you should have to start your adventure, 

Motorcycle- The First & Must Thing That You Should Consider:

When we come to talk about the guide for riding first time for an adventurous trip on a bike, the first thing that matters a lot is the bike. In addition, at the top, modification of a motorcycle comes first. The modification doesn't mean that you have to make your bike some kind of fancy. It means you must check certain things before riding for the first time. Below are the things that you should modify before starting your first journey on a bike.

Bike Tires:

If we say that the only thing that separates you from the road is tires. That's why when you start to ride a bike for the first time, make sure to modify your default bike tires. You will need some kind of aggressive type of tire so that they can bear the hardship of your journey. Moreover, make sure to read the instructions given by the tire company. Also, check the least PSI of your tires. It is so because, on muddy or sandy roads, the grip of tires starts to lose. At that time, reducing the PSI to 10-15 allows you to get your grip back on a sandy or muddy road. 

Suspensions of Bike:

The most important factor that matters a lot for you and your spinal health is your bike’s suspension. How could you enjoy your first ride if you are facing jerks all the way? Well, that will be the worst thing that can happen! To avoid this kind of thing, make sure to examine your bike’s suspension. They must be light and full of fluid so that they can make you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you can face many unhealthy scenarios. 

Maintenance of Motorcycle:

Riding on asphalts allows you to enjoy the ride but, if you are planning to ride on a dirty train, then things perform differently. In this scenario, you need to clean your bike’s air filter more often. Moreover, on a dusty road, your bike chain will also need more lubrication than normally does. 

Dirt Prevention Gears:

On a dusty road, the thing that can save you from not being blind is the dirt gear. There are many types of dust prevention gear that are available now to protect you from it nowadays. For example, dirt bike helmets, goggles, jackets, and dirt protection gear for your camera. These are the essentials that you must consider while preparing for your first adventure ride on road. A textile jacket will protect you from not only the dirt but also from the rain. It will be the most inconvenient way to travel on the road while wearing a wet leather jacket. By doing so, you can face health issues. So, make sure to use these kinds of dirt-protective gear before starting your first adventure ride on the bike.Blog 2

Decide Before You Start Your Adventure Ride on Bike:

If you are planning to start your first ride on a bike, decide before where to ride. This will allows you to make your ride smoother. Well, at that point, a question that might occur in your head is how to decide where to ride. Well, it is not a hard thing to know. There are many mediums that you can use for it. Following are some of the most convenient ways to use in decision-making.

The use of an application to navigate where to ride allows you to make your ride easier. Whether we talk about or ADV Tracks, there are so many applications that allow you to navigate your ride on the bike. So, make sure you use these applications while you are preparing for your first adventure ride on a bike. 

General Tips:

  • Make sure that you adopt a good body posture while your bike riding. Otherwise, it can cause you to feel back pain. 
  • Allow yourself to enjoy the landscape while taking care of your ride. Be alert while riding on the bike so that you can avoid any kind of misconduct. 
  • Make smooth coordination between your bike clutch and accelerator in muddy areas. 
  • Take small pauses while riding so that you and your bike can take a rest.
  • Make sure not to use front breaks while crossing sharp edges of the road. Instead of using brakes, shift to the lower transmission to slow down. 
  • Preferably travel for the first time with a partner, if not, make sure to map your journey and let someone know where you are going and how long will it take. 


There is no doubt that adventure riding on a bike is the most fascinating thing that every rider wishes to experience. But, having a piece of proper knowledge about it is also an essential part of it. Make sure to read all of the above-mentioned points so that you can enjoy your first ride with maximum pleasure.