Don't Be Fooled By Fake Motorcycle Restoration Videos

Don't Be Fooled By Fake Motorcycle Restoration Videos

Recently, on Youtube social media platform, a motorcycle restorer upload a restoration video on its channel. The video got millions of views and got comments from the majority of the audience. In that video, you will find that a motorcycle restorer finds a motorcycle on the bank of a river fully covered with mud. The restorer gets his eyes on the bike accidentally, as you can see in the video, and after some effort, he gets an old mini motorcycle covered all over the mud. Don’t you feel it is a little bit confusing to find a mini bike on the bank of a river covered with mud and sea leaves? Well, indeed it is much more confusing than a coincidence. 

Well, there are so many frauds that are nowadays people doing so that they can not only more views on their videos but also attract more subscribers on Youtube. So, don't be fooled by fake motorcycle restoration videos lurking around social media platforms nowadays. Well, we will unleash all the aspects of this video in this article, we, keep reading to get an expert opinion on it. 

Founder of Bike Brings It at Home, Wow!

When the restorer founds the mini motorcycle on the riverbank, he gets excited and decides to restore it. Also, at that very moment, he decided to make a video so that he can upload it on his social media channel. Okay! After that, the bike restorer brings the mini bike to his home garage. The old mini bike yet muddy, and the restorer starts to open each part apart. Again! An alert! If you find something which is muddy and absurd, what will you do first? It is an obvious approach to wash it down! Well, in this restoration video case, this is the opposite scenario! The founder starts to open up all the body parts of the mini bike which is an unnatural thing. 

A Healthy Criticism:

Well, in the video, you can easily see that most of the parts of the mini bike’s body seem to be new, and also, it also seems that somebody paid for it in a muddy tone. There is no doubt that the video is too good and the way he manages things to be represented is more than a good one. But what is the point to make such videos besides that you are making them just for fake publicity or to gain more subscribers? Well, this is not a good thing to do as you are making your credibility low by doing such public stunts. Well, on the other hand, making a healthy criticism is acceptable and on the behalf of this statement, let us start to find what will exactly happen behind the scene of this video.

Things You Need To Make a Fake Motorcycle Restoration Video:

As we have discussed that there are many fake videos rolling nowadays on the social media platform Youtube. This all is happening due to the urge to get more views, comments, and subscribers. Well, all these things are not so easy, but not impossible. With consistency and genuine content, you can make your youtube channel credible and get more attention from the audience. On the other hand, after the keen observation of the video and with the motive to get you knowledge, we have dropped down some essentials to make this type of fake video. So, keep reading this blog so you won't be fooled by fake motorcycle restoration videos. 

1- Do Some Purchasings:

The first thing that you will need to make a fake restoration video is to purchase a mini bike so that you can prepare it for processing. 

2- Make Some Scenematics of the New Mini Bike:

The next step is to make some sleek shots so that you can use them at the end of the restoration. In addition, sometimes, it also seems that people change the paint colors of mudguards and others. 

3- The “Final Assembly” Shorts:

Remove each part of the motorcycle and make its video for the assembly shorts. This approach enables your video to be more attractive as new parts are shiny and look great on camera. 

4- It's an “Action-Time” Step:

Finally, the most exciting and productive part of the video comes. At that stage, make as filthy the object as you can. There are multiple things that you can do such as use dusty paint, the use of a lot of mud, use of filthy oil to look disgusting. The sorts of this approach create a vibe that you are restoring a real old thing, not a fake one. 

5- Choose Where to Place it!

The next phase to making a fake restoration video is to decide where to place the mini bike to be found surprisingly.

6- Discovering Part:

This phase includes finding footage of your mini bike. Make sure to choose a place that is muddy, under the weeds, or at the riverbank (the case of the mini bike restoration video). 

7- Disassemble the Founded Mini Motorcycle Step:

At that stage, ruthlessly disassemble the founded mini bike that will show that it is real. After the disassembly, make sure to add some spray paint portion to make your video more credible (falsely). 

8- At the Semi-Final Step:

Murge the 2nd step at that step so that viewers can get satisfied with your final assembly. On the other hand, in reality, the painted parts, engine, and other parts of the mini motorcycle become a pile of filthy things. But, this is an investment as you can make many fake videos with all this lot. 

And with lots of video views, the loss will be covered, and also will become the profit as your fake video will gain enormous numbers of views on Youtube. 


At the end of our talk, I would again suggest you don't be fooled by fake motorcycle restoration videos. Instead of that, make sure to subscribe to real content creators. In addition, these kinds of videos are feasible to laugh at but, for mechanical work learning, always follow the genuine restoration video creators on Youtube.