The Formula for Finding the Best Undiscovered Motorcycle Roads

The Formula for Finding the Best Undiscovered Motorcycle Roads

It is not hard to search on the internet, be concerned with a rider forum, or read a magazine that tells you about the formula for finding the best undiscovered motorcycle roads in the US. We all have heard about the most famous motorcycle ride destinations. The Pacific Ocean Coastal Highway, the Blue Motorcycle road, The Tail of Dragon in North Carolina, and many others are included in the list of these roads. But, did you ever wonder about those undiscovered motorcycle roads that can never be covered? How to find such sorts of roads that nobody ever covers? What about those undiscovered roads that the locals know but no one other than them? 

I went to RevZilla, the most spectacular service provider offering so many services regarding motorcycle gear and other accessories, and found the same thing that everyone has. To find the undiscovered motorcycle roads, they were also using the same strategy. The popular approach is to find a famous road for a motorcycle ride on the map. After that, look for the different branches that hook out from the main road. This approach will allow you to enjoy the same scenes that are on the other side of the busy road where most of the tourists visit. On the other hand, another strategy is also used to find the best-undiscovered motorcycle road.

The second strategy is to look for the elevated road to find the undiscovered road. Put the pin to the sharp curves so a strong familiarity could be made with the plateau. Mark the hilly areas and find the steep roads so that new things can be discovered. There is also another strategy for finding the best undiscovered motorcycle roads. In this regard, the third-numbered approach, Google satellite map, is your greatest friend. 

The Google satellite will be handy in finding hidden roads in the dust or trees. It will also tell you whether the asphalt ends on a dirty or dusty road or whether the road is enriched with scenic views to enjoy motorcycle riding. This approach will help you to enjoy those scenes that you might miss while riding on an ordinary road. Moreover, it is not always like the trees end the road; they can be the starting point of the most magnificent asphalt you missed.

After concerning with my colleagues, we came to the conclusion that there are three less discovered motorcycle roads that we should discover. Following is a detailed analysis of these three undiscovered motorcycle-riding roads.

Dragon Back In North Carolina by Brandon Wise:

A lot of phenomenal motorcycle roads are situated around Boone, North Carolina. These roads are kept busy as they are the main attraction for the tourists there, which could be the reason for not getting smooth or facing the less maintained roads there. 

According to the present scenarios and in my opinion, this road is not as popular as it was in my school time. I used to take a walk when I had to kill one hour between classes, and there were just a few riders, and I rarely saw the cars on this road. That is why there is no secret left in this route now. You left the heart of Boone and joined the magnificent Blue Ridge Parkway, a familiar spot that can be crowded due to its scenery. But shortly, you will connect with the US 221, which, after crossing the Linn Cove Viaduct, is where the real fun begins. 

The smooth pavements on the road, a lot of boulders over the road, and sharp curves are the magnificent features of this patch. Note that there are not many guardrails along the road; I also get close calls on this route many times, but it's a worthy road to ride on the motorcycle. 

The road itself is an attraction for the riders as it allows you to enjoy the ride on a motorcycle with many sceneries. But when you take 221, it takes you to the Blowing Rock, which is the best place to entertain yourself. If you are outside of the town, then this road is a must to visit at least once. 

Arkansas By Lance Oliver:

From the above formula for finding the best undiscovered motorcycle roads, Arkansas also fits in this list. Arkansas Route 123 in the Ozarks is a shared boundary that intersects with Route 7. Many related motorcycle road websites labeled this intersection as “Arkansas is at best.” 

Choose the Lama’s 123 Route. There, you will need to fill gas as you will take a 70 miles nature scenic route made by nature itself. After a while, you will get to the Ozark-St; the adventure starts from here. As you enter the Francis National Forest, things start to get interesting. The road embraces the hills of Ozark, freshly experienced passing through the forest on a motorcycle, and the fragrance of the fields makes your day. By this time, you will end up with the US 135 route, which will be the curviest part of your motorcycle journey. 

Mesa Grande by Jane Dunstan:

For many riders in South California, Ortega Highway and Angles Crust are the most famous roads to ride on a motorcycle. But, on the other side, the riders in San Diago like the most on Palomar Mountain highway. There is another undiscovered road than the Palomar, and that is Mesa Grande. This route has scenes that make it the most interesting and undiscovered road to ride on a motorcycle. 

The 48 km length, two lanes for each side, and many cars crashed reported there make it unique to ride on. As a motorcycle rider, I stopped a couple of times to check all my safety measurements before starting the ride on this 79 Route. At the end of this magnificent road, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of lush green fields, hills, and other naturistic items that relax you from the depth of your heart. 

At the end of the trip on this road, you will find that your heart is beating drastically, and you will feel the sweat on your head. They will all become normal by taking a break in a bar which charges you again to ride. It is said that where there is a road ends, a new road is there to be undiscovered beside a good road.