Five Things That Will Ruin Your Motorcycle’s Handling

Five Things That Will Ruin Your Motorcycle’s Handling

Riding the bike is the most amazing feeling for a biker. Whether we talk about the feeling of being alone or discuss the matter of satisfaction. In every scenario, bikers love to ride on the road so that they can fulfill their dreams. On the other hand, as there are so many good things that are related to riding, there are some other aspects of it that you must be aware of. First of all, riding is not just a thing that you think and it's done. It is a proper skill that you have to learn through practice. In addition, there are many things that also matter a lot in riding a bike smoothly. Whether we talk about the maintenance of a bike or discuss the matter of having good tires and taking care of the motorcycle’s handle. There are many factors that make you a good adventure rider.

On the other hand, when we come to discuss the most important factor that matters a lot in bike riding, handles comes at the top of the list. Imagine that you are riding on asphalt along with the long tails of mountains and rivers along with the road. What will you say if your bike handle starts to shake or get hard or you can say starts to stuck? Well, that is the most unwanted situation that a motorcyclist can imagine. Well, there is no need to be worried as we have so many solutions regarding this matter. 

What Do We Discuss in This Blog?

In this blog, we will discuss the five factors that will ruin your motorcycle's handling. Moreover, through this discussion, you will find out how to resolve these issues and make your bike steering smooth and sound. So, let us start to discuss those five factors that can ruin your motorcycle’s handling. 

What are 5 Factors That Can Ruin Your Motorcycle’s Handling?

Whenever we come to talk about handling issues, there are so many factors that might be the reason. Whether we talk about the health of tires or discuss the proper handle lubrication. In addition, whether we talk about the bearings of the wheel or talk about the air pressure in tires. There are so many possibilities that can ruin your motorcycle’s handling. In this section of the blog, we will enlighten the most important issue. So, let us dive into it and find out what's there for us to learn. 

  • Tires of Your Motorcycle:

Without a pair of tires, a motorcycle is not a thing on which you can enjoy your adventures. We can say that tires are the most important function of a bike that allows you to fly on the roads. In addition, the bad condition of your motorcycle’s tire can cause so many issues, even serious ones. Moreover, the size of your motorcycle tire also affects your bike handling. Thin tires consume more energy and have a low tendency to balance. In addition, their ability to grip the road can also ruin your motorcycle’s handling. On the other hand, large-sized tires allow you adequate traction on the road and enable you to enjoy smooth handling on your motorcycle adventures. One more thing that might be the reason is your tires may not be straight. So, makes sure to examine your bike with the previous information so that you can make your steering smooth and effortless. 

  • Lack of Handle Lubrication:

If you are feeling some kind of discomfort while turning your motorcycle on the edges of the road, check the handle’s bearings. Many times, it happens that we ride the bike constantly and forget to care about proper handle lubrication. Due to this reason, you can ruin your motorcycle’s handling. In addition, not taking care of the handle’s bearings can also cause you an uncomfortable motorcycle ride. While off-riding, a bike faces a lot of bumps that can affect the handling and also can be the cause of breaking bearing balls. That’s why, to avoid any kind of unwanted situation while riding, make sure to lubricate the handle’s parts. 

Shaky Suspension System:

  • Bad Motorcycle’s Suspension System:

When you are riding in hilly areas or off-roads, the most important thing that allows you to create a balance is the power of your bike to absorb the shocks. A good suspension system allows you outstanding control over your motorcycle’s handling. In addition, it also helps you to avoid any kind of injury. On the other hand, things can against your favor and ruin your motorcycle’s handling.

  • Weight Distribution Alos Affects MOtorcycle’s Handling:

While riding on the road, your bike needs a solid grip on the road to accelerate the speed. The thing that can affect your motorcycle’s efficiency is the weight distribution. On the other hand, when we come to talk about handling bikes, weight distribution also impacts it. The center of gravity of the bike matters a lot on adventure trips as you have to carry essentials along with you. At that time, distribute the weight smartly so that you can avoid any kind of motorcycle handling. 

  • Unbalanced Wheels of Your Bike:

If you are facing shakiness during your riding, then check that your wheels are straight. It does matter a lot as your bike’s tires are totally dependent on the wheels. In addition, if you have spoke wheels, make sure that all spokes are tightened. Otherwise, this matter can ruin your motorcycle’s handling and cause you an unwanted situation. So, make sure to check your wheel’s condition before you start to ride on your journey. 


Do you know what are the five factors that can ruin your motorcycle’s riding experience? Well, from the above-mentioned factors, you can find out easily. With the above discussion, there is no need to get upset about your bike’s handling. You can read the above information, which is quite useful and can make your motorcycle journey smooth and energetic. So, make sure to read it out as it will help you to avoid any unwanted bike handling situations.