Future Honda Car Will be More of an “Entertainment Space”

Future Honda Car Will be More of an “Entertainment Space”

Recently, two major companies that are one of their kind decided to make an electric vehicle that will be more than an ordinary electric car. Honda and Sony, both companies, announced in a joint conference that by 2025, they would start the distribution of an electric car that will be more of an “Entertainment Space.” This news may not be a big deal for those who are already worried about the distraction of cellphones and Teslas that either detect motorcyclists. For those people, both companies ought to manufacture a future Honda car that will be more of an Entertainment Space for its users. 

One of these companies is too close to their homes: whose means of transportation is a bike, and that company is Honda. So, get ready for more than ever connected electric cars by these companies that will change the automobile industry. In no time, approximately four years, you will see them on the roads of the United States.

Entertainment- Honda’s Cars and Sony’s Technology:

Earlier this year, Honda and Sony companies held a conference named Sony Honda Inc and decided to start a joint project that would change the way electric cars manufacture. Both authorities share more information and say that this future Honda car will be more of an “Entertainment Space.” If you want to watch the conference, you can watch it on YouTube. The CEO and Chairman of Sony Honda Inc, Yasuhide Mizuno, said that the new electric car would be manufactured in the Honda plants situated in North America. The car will be available for sale late in 2025, and after that, it will be launched in Japan in 2026.

Anonymous Features of “Entertainment Space” Car:

The authorities didn't share any other information about the EV (electric vehicle). What will be the shape of the car? How many batteries will be used? What will be the speed of this car? On the other hand, Mizuno emphasized the car's smartness and connectivity. He said the car would have a high level of computer engineering and connect to the cloud with high power. In addition, he also mentioned that the car would be capable of using level 3 and level 2 automation in some circumstances. Level 3 automation enables the users to use some of the automatic systems, but a human must be there to take over the controls. 

It can be said that the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) will be the most significant experience for the drivers that will drive this future car. We can't say anything about its smart features yet, but surely, it would be amazing to experience, as Sony and Honda companies claimed. In addition, Mizuno also said that the mobility industry is going to experience a huge change in which software and technology will be the core. 

In this regard, Sony ought to contribute to evaluating mobility in the way that mobility becomes more of an entertainment space. If you are a motorcyclist, cyclist, or pedestrian, it can make you nervous about being caught with the latest Sony Pictures release.

The president and COO of Sony, Lazumi Kawanishi, said that the car would be an emotional entertainment place that could be expandable to real and virtual worlds. He also mentioned that we would make digital technology as advanced as the Metaverse and transform entertainment like never before.

Well, that would allow you to pay attention to the metaverse entertainment rather than focusing on the road, as the cars will be automatic in many orders. You might be wondering, is that safe? Of course! It would be the most advanced ADAS system with many safety features and the smartest automation features that Honda Sony Inc claimed. The person behind the 2026 Honda Super Electric Vehicle must be a great fan of Metaverse- the world just got into it recently. We just can pray that the Sony sensors would be good and quick enough so we can't get hit by the 2026 Honda EV.