That Moment When You Realized You’re a Rider For Life

That Moment When You Realized You’re a Rider For Life

It is a common saying that “Life is full of wonders” and in actuality, there is no doubt in that narrative. If you are a person of nature and have adventurous psychology, then life will amaze you at each step of you. On the other hand, there are two, common, types of psychologies that people have mostly. Some people realized the purpose of their life and others ones keep their heads down and follow their routines. 

Once I read the quote “if you don't have passion in your life, you will get nothing” and now, after a long time, I realize that this quote is true. If you find the purpose to live, life becomes a piece of cake. On the other hand, when we come to talk about riding a bike, there are so many scenarios to discuss in this regard. 

Keep Your Self Inspiring:

Some people found that motorcycling is not for them. Some of them realize that they can or can not ride for long. It means sometimes they want to and other times they didn’t. And the third type of people is those that know motorcycling is the only passion that they have in their life. They can ride as long as they can: that's the definition of having a passion for something. To know in depth about this matter, we have gathered famous motorcyclists. Also, we have asked them about “that moment when you realize you’re a rider for life”. To get awesome sensational answers, keep reading this blog and keep inspiring. 

Liz Kiniery: The Moment When She Realized She is a Rider for Life

While talking with her, she narrates her objective as follows:

It was just after when I started motorcycle riding on the street and it been one year since I had started off-road riding. That was the year 2017, the time was late at night. I was passing the New York State along with a small group of motorcycle riders, friends of mine. The name of the motorcycle group was Philadelphia Riders. That night ride was fullness and togetherness. 

I also remember that there were multiple feelings in the air at that moment. Sometimes, I started to get afraid and at the very next moment, I started to enjoy this fear. I would say, it was a night full of wonders for me. Then we take a short break after hundreds of miles of riding in the zig-zag mountains. I remember it was raining that night but we were all yet laughing.
I was riding on my friend’s bike, a Triumph Tiger 800. My bike was in the garage as we all try to fix its engine on a weekend basis. 

That was my time to realize that I can ride for life as there is so much adventure, risk, and beautiful experiences in it. 

Kimba Reams: COVID-19 Gift Her Realization of Lifelong Riding Passion

During COVID-19, life was stuck and everyone goes inside their houses. At that moment, many people realize their passion for riding. Kimba Reams is also one of them. Following is her inspiring game-changing story:

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, I start to make my life rebuilt and decided to spend most of my time making myself happy and spending less on my job. I realize that my Silver Stallion gave me that pleasure and allows me to go around the world. At that moment, I decided to ride every day. 

Firstly, I decided to ride a 400-miles trek and after getting in knowledge about Butt Accessories’s SaddleScore 1000, I also get an urge and start to think that I will also ride 1000 in 24 hours. After that, I start to map my route and accomplish that. 

I rode 1013 miles in 24 hours and after that, I get started to practice for 1500 miles in under 36 hours. In October, I accomplish that goal and with a high level of motivation, started to get into a looped ride that passed through 48 states out of 50 United States. That was my biggest accomplishment. In September 2021, I rode 10,000 miles in just 17 days. 

That was my biggest achievement and meanwhile, I also found some local women’s motorcycle groups. The woman named Litas Greenville has a collection of bikes. The main purpose of the group is to promote and create a positive environment for women that want to ride. On my social media pages, I have posted lots of stuff related to my riding, and a little bit of healthy lifestyle for other women’s motivation. Now, I have passed the MSF Course and am legally able to give services as a Riding Coach.

Keep Yourself Motivated:

The time on which you get motivated and find your passion is the most worthy time of your life. It allows you to leave your burdens and unnatural burdens. There are a lot of people that work in a 9 to 5 framework and didn't even realize it. And, at the moment they unlock themselves, you will find them following their dreams, their passion, and their will to make something different. For example, Matt Carman was a fighter pilot, had a job from 9 to 5, and spent his life with burdens of duties. 

But who knows when he realizes that he can ride for his life, people seek him on off-road treks and drift fields. So, the thing is that never ever stop to chase your dreams. No matter how hard you work to make your dreams come true, it's worth it to live a life of passion rather than of a sheep. There is a huge context that can be discussed in that perspective but, there is no point in it if someone loses their will to do something. Make sure to follow your dreams and not that let yourself be controlled by others. So, I hope you find this blog helpful and also, may you follow your passion so that you can say “that moment when I realized that I am a Rider for life”.