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Leather Chap
Leather Chap
Leather Chap
Leather Chap
Leather Chap
Leather Chap

Unisex Legging Adjustable Side Snap Beltless Leather Chaps


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    • Premium Buffalo Leather Chap 1.3-1.4mm

    • Side Set Adjustable Waist Design for Perfect Fit

    • Fully Lined w/ Soft Mesh Lining

    • Inside Zipper Buffer Prevents Liner From Snagging in Zipper

    • Genuine YKK Zippers


Motorcycle Leather chaps are an iconic piece of motorcycle gear that packs a lot of function into a simple concept. Sturdy leather chaps will protect your legs against road rash while also blocking the elements as you’re tearing down the freeway.

Layered over jeans, a pair of motorcycle chaps give you the ability to beef up the protection while you ride, then easily slip them off for a more casual look when it’s time to stretch your legs. We carry chaps for men and women, and in any color, you’d like, so long as it’s black.

More About Leather Chap

It's easy to put on and off with the side zippers and offers you an alternative to wearing leather pants while on your motorcycle. Chaps are more versatile since you can easily take them off when you're not on your bike.


Motorcycle chaps are a necessary piece of apparel for serious riders. While it's not something most riders like to think about, laying a bike down is something that can happen to even the most careful and skilled biker.

And that's why you should always wear protection on your legs. Even your toughest jeans aren't going to last more than a few seconds if you should take a slide on asphalt.

We offer free shipment across the USA. Our collection of chaps at Divine Leather includes certified Milwaukee Leather gear backed by a two-year warranty on buttons, zippers, and stitching. You will find men's, women's, and kids chaps in different colors like black, brown, and chaps with braids, chaps with fringes, chaps with deep pockets, chaps with jeans-style pockets, and chaps with zipper pockets.

Motorcycle Leather Chaps are a classic motorcycle accessory worn by motorcycle riders resembling the old western cowboys and offer the protection of leather and at the same time keeps your Jeans from all the dust and dirt.