Waterproof Gloves
Waterproof Gloves
Waterproof Gloves

Men's Gel Palm Gauntlet Waterproof Gloves with Reflective Piping


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    • Premium Aniline Cowhide

    • Waterproof Leather and Liner w/ Draw String Closure

    • Reflective Piping & Gel Palm

    • Adjustable Wrist Strap


The highly durable and sturdy materials used in this pair of work Waterproof Gloves are also among the things I am fond of. It even features sturdy AX suede reinforcements for the fingertips and palm that are genuinely helpful in terms of giving not only abrasion resistance but also superior grip.

More About Waterproof Gloves

the level of flexibility these work gloves offer, too. It is flexible enough, allowing it to handle chilly temperatures and other conditions. It also showcases a good amount of breathability brought on by its water-repellent finish and its weather-resistant rip-stop outer shell. Another remarkable benefit of these waterproof and insulated work Waterproof Gloves is that they are convenient to put on or wear and remove. It is because of its extended neoprene cuff, which is capable of fitting beneath or over your jacket sleeves.


You can even secure the cuff by tightening it with the help of its loop and hook closure. It has soft insulation, too. Both its waterproof and insulation features actually help in keeping your hands and fingers dry and warm. The 1oo percent polyester material used in its shell. It is because it is a durable fabric, which gives you some sort of assurance that it is long-lasting. It is even made tougher with the help of its reinforced stitching and palms. Aside from completely protecting you from water, it also works effectively in making you feel comfortable with the help of its inner lining, which can wick away sweat and moisture. It is comfortable to wear even for prolonged periods.

The ability of these waterproof Gloves to preserve the natural dryness and warmth of your hands during wintery, wet, and cold conditions. It is because of the windproof and waterproof inner membrane used in this glove. The versatility of this pair of Waterproof Gloves is so good. The versatile it is upon realizing that its function is not only limited for those who are working. In fact, it can also be used for outdoor and recreational activities.

You can even find users using this product as waterproof diving gloves. It has a strong build of this pair of Waterproof Gloves. It is built to be strong enough, allowing it to handle heavy work while also remaining dexterous and functional in the sense that you can use it for your recreational activities and adventures during the winter.

Its breathable and waterproof membrane inserts work effectively in creating a barrier designed to block moisture, wind, and cold. I am truly thankful for this feature because it truly works in keeping my hands dry and warm, especially when I need to work on extremely cold and snowy conditions and temperatures.