Black Gloves
Black Gloves
Black Gloves

Men's Thermal Lined Gauntlet Black Gloves with Extra Long Cuff

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    • Made of Premium Aniline Cowhide

    • Thermal Lined with Double Strap Cuff

    • Elasticized Knuckles

    • Padded Palm with Sure Grip Palm


These black gloves are enhanced with a thermoregulation feature that keeps your hands in proper and balanced temperature, avoiding them not to be too cold or too hot, and ensuring that your hands remain in perfect condition. They also can keep your hands dry by absorbing up to 30% moisture. It is ideal black gloves, if your hands are, most of the time, sweaty. And yes, they are breathable and naturally resist odor to guarantee impressive results for the hygiene of the users.

More About Black Gloves

The rugged gripper dots ensure that you have a secure grip while the elastic cuff ensures that your wrist is adequately covered. Made from 100% soft acrylic, these black gloves are completely soft and stylish with a thumb-hole added into the bargain. It will keep your hands totally warm and toasted even in any given season or temperature. With these knitted gloves, you do not need to worry about your daily activities.


The fingerless design provides sufficient finger flexibility and movement so that you can do your own chore conveniently without any troubles. They come with hammered finger openings to offer top-tier durability. And if you want to keep warm while at the same time stay fully functional, they’re your best. If you are using these, there is no need to worry about whether it is too big or too small for your hands. And without any doubt, they are also lightweight and less stiff ensuring that your hands feel great and warm regardless of any activities that you are doing.

They are special because they are breathable, ensuring that your hands stay in excellent condition the whole day. Boasting innovative fiber enhanced with germanium and bamboo charcoal medium insulated with a layer of dense yarn and additional interior layers.