Bike Helmet
Bike Helmet
Bike Helmet
Bike Helmet
Bike Helmet

Matte Black DOT Half bike Helmet with Carbon Fiber Look


Regular price $49.99


  • Made of Advanced Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Shell

  • Meets or Exceeds DOT Standards

  • Light Weight and High Impact Resistant

  • Stay Legit and Legal with this Minimal Coverage Helmet

  • Quick Release


Bike helmet is exactly what the name suggests, helmets that cover half the head. There’s no doubt that a full-face helmet can provide the best protection, however, the half helmet also offers a ton of benefits that new riding enthusiasts aren’t aware of. There are pros and cons to every type of Bike helmet.

Bike Helmet

While most riders swear by full-face helmets, there’s something to be said about a helmet that provides protection, while also allowing you to breathe fresh air and really enjoy your ride as you’re flying down the highway. Since the half helmet doesn’t fully cover the head, it feels less constraining, compared to a full-face style helmet.

More About Bike Helmet

The interior is made mostly of polyester and nylon. The snap around the wrist makes them easy to wear and remove and come in medium, large and extra-large sizes. You will need to pick the right size before you purchase by measuring the circumference of your hand around your knuckles. Bike Helmet is hand-made with tough stitching and offers an elegant look as well as having an affordable price tag.

The interior feels smooth and comfortable to wear. During warm weather conditions are not too hot on your, hands but the downside is that they may not keep your hands very warm under cold weather.leather with motion zones and ventilation between fingers as well as extra padding on the palms for a more secure grip.

They do not stretch all that much so you need to be careful to get the right size. They are however exceptionally long-lasting. Bike Helmet has no lining and the strap and snap button make them easy to wear and remove.

Fitting nicely around the fingers and leaving no room for bagginess makes them feel cool and comfortable. They are not suitable for warm weather driving as the perforations are only contained in the upper parts of the gloves. The palms are not perforated and may cause sweating in hot weather driving.

An elastic wrist helps to keep warmth in and come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Made of finely-grained leather, and with a wrist strap and snap, leather driving gloves fit comfortably around your hands for smooth driving experience and feel very soft to wear.