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Men's Neon Green Armored Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt


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    • COMFORT: This Men's Neon Shirt Is Made Using 100% Cotton Woven Flannel Outer Material

    • STYLE: Our Checkerboard Shirt Is Perfect for Anytime Casual Wear, Working Outdoors or Riding Your Motorcycle

    • VERSATILITY: Wear This Shirt Alone in The Early Fall or Use This as An Extra Layer in The Winter Weather. This Shirt Will Be Your New Favorite When the Cold Weather Starts to Arrive

    • DURABILITYThe 100% Cotton Outer Material Was Built to Last While Resisting Shrinking and Fading, This Will Ensure You Get Years of Use Out of This Amazing Shirt

    • FEATURES: Front Button Closure with 2 Front Chest Pockets with Button Closure and Button Cuffs


With a long sleeve flannel shirt, you just need to pay attention to the occasion. Many styles are casual, with a few being viable for business casual. Casual looks tend to either channel the "lumberjack" look or something more punk. Regardless,

More About Men's Neon Shirt

your skin will love you for throwing on this high-quality, aramid flannel shirt. The high-strength aramid infused within the material will protect from vast road rash if you do go down, god forbid.

Whichever you go for, remember that you'll likely feel great wearing it. Men's Neon Shirt, historically, has often been designed with plaid patterns. That classic red and black shirt- the one I’m most often seen wearing around- is a plaid flannel shirt. Plaid can be any variety of colors, but red and black is a common one among us lumberjacks. 

You will definitely find some long sleeve flannel shirts that feature different colors but lack a print. You can tell that these are flannel by touch and some other visual tells such as slightly raised fibers on the fringes of the silhouette. Normally flannels are a no-go when it comes to wearing it formally, but a plain Men's Neon Shirt can be easily disguised under a blazer or sports jacket when cruising down the freeway.

The fit will be very comfortable and loose enough to ride without restriction. The color is sharp and feels soft as the flannel should.