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Heated Hoodie
Heated Hoodie
Heated Hoodie
Heated Hoodie
Heated Hoodie
Heated Hoodie
Heated Hoodie

Men’s Zipper Front Heated Biker Hoodie

Regular price $229.99


  • Front & Back Biker Hoodie

  • Durable Material? Cotton Exterior w/ Thermal Inside Lining

  • Knit Cuff and Waistband

  • Powered by 12V Rechargeable Battery

  • Triple Heat Settings: Low, Medium, High

  • Portable Battery Pack Sold Separately


Did your dad use to crank down the furnace during your cold winters due to the high costs of heat? Do you remember lying under layers and layers of blankets as you went to sleep, seeing your breath before you turned out the light?

Well, we may have grown up, but our need for toastiness at a low price has never gone away. Eliminate the deep freeze with our rechargeable battery-heated Biker hoodie in cozy styles.

More About Biker Hoodie

Ensure you’re nice and toasty when the temperature plummets by slipping into this heated Biker Hoodie. It is very Reluctant to wear and to work. Very warm and keeps you warm if you’re working outside in the snow. Prevents the risk of hypothermia from setting in. Great well-made products warm without the batteries toasty warm with the batteries


Heated Hoodie

Comfortable, fuzzy, reliable, great for layering, these battery-heated hoodies will be your go-to piece of clothing whenever you feel that chill, inside or out. The Biker Hoodie is designed to fit around a hat. It's comfortable. Quality is spot on. A person who has to work outdoors in bad weather can't be happier. It is a great warm heated hoodie without the heat when it's on it can't be beat

The rechargeable battery is great. There is a little button to control the heat settings - low, medium, high. If you really want it to crank put a jacket over this and you are warm as a heating pad. Aside from the heating function, the sweatshirt itself is high quality, well made, and nice and heavy. The pockets are deep with little hidden pockets inside to ensure that nothing falls out.

The battery and power source live in a pocket on the rear left side of the jacket. The latest heated hoodie also features this new “quick heat” function.

The build quality of the shirt is high, although it's definitely made in an indoor style - if you plan to take it outside, treat it as a jacket liner, not as an out cover.

Heated Hoodies are one of the absolute best ways to keep your core warm during the cold winter months. We have the #1 Selection of Heated hoodies anywhere. Great to wear with or without the heat turned on, you will look and feel great this winter!