leather lace

Milwaukee Leather Lace Pink High Quality Leather Lacing


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    • Rigid, Supple Lace

    • Color Pink

    • Full Grain Leather

    • Perfect for Biker Boots & Hiking Shoes

    • 72 Inch Long


Whether you’re looking for a soft, supple lace, such as deerskin or suede, or a strong, rugged lace with superior strength, you'll find the right Leather Lace to meet your needs at DivineLeather.com. All of our leather lace is genuine leather, and we offer a wide selection of colors, types, and sizes, all manufactured from the highest quality available.

You can now get the original Lace up Flats quality laces for your shoes by just sitting on your sofa. The procedure has never been easier. These Leather Strings are in pink color and will comfort you, whether you will attend any formal event or social affair.

These laces are made with the highest quality there is; yes, your guess is right, it’s made from full grain leather with metal anklets so that you will feel its quality. These metal anklets make your laces passing through shoelaces eye hole easily and increase its durability.


Give your shoes the luxury treatment. What would look better on a pair of leather biker shoes than our Black Luxury Leather Laces? Each pair comes with metal plated aglets, too, so you can match your sneakers down to the accent colors.




More about Leather Lace

These are high quality leather shoelaces, including Premium Metal Aglets. Sold as a pair (2 shoelaces). Give your kicks the luxury treatment with DivineLeather.com Genuine Leather Laces. Note: Metal Aglets may not fit through shoes with smaller plastic eyelets.

When installing the Leather String, please pull on the leather rather than the metal lace tips whenever possible. Pulling on the lace tips may cause them to be removed from the leather permanently.

Leather Laces perfect for biker boots, work boots & hiking shoes; they also work great for other shoes when you want extra strong and sturdy laces.