leather whip
leather whip
leather whip
leather whip
leather whip
leather whip

Milwaukee Black, White & Orange High Quality Leather Whip


Regular price $49.99



    • Made of Premium Cowhide Leather

    • Colors Black, White & Orange

    • Heavy Duty Quick Release Clip

    • Weighted Tip

    • Weighted handle for improved balance

    • Shot loaded for fast action


Leather Whip is a rugged and durable Cowhide Leather suitable for beginners but tough enough for moving livestock. The leather allows the belly to turn over, making it a great whip for learning. It’s a whip that fits in your leather jeans pocket and really cracks! For attractive and quality leather jeans, visit DivineLeather.com

These cost-effective leather whips are made of durable and weather resistant paracord. Choose from a variety of color options to create your personalized whip! Our new whips are popular for use in small, indoor spaces.

These whips are impressively loud and easy to use. Great as a stocking stuffer, novelty, or just for whip play in tight spaces. Crack a whip on the train ride to work, in your cubical, even in a phone booth.

Leather Whip is made from the highest quality leather. It is made from genuine plaited oiled leather with the plait running throughout the length. It is a beautiful object, as well as a great bondage accessory.

It's the silky cord that makes the cracking sound when the whip is used.

More About Leather Whip

    • Replaceable fall and cracker

    • Available in a variety of colors

    • Extra Heavy Duty Wrist Loop

    • Flexible Handle to Belly Hitch

    • No Artificial, No Fake, and No Split Leather used in any part of the flogger.

    • Fully Handmade and durable whip.

    • Smooth Exterior

    • 39 Inches