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Milwaukee Leather Hat Unisex Black Skull Cap


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  • Adjustable Mesh Snapback

  • Unisex

  • One Size Fits All

  • Lightweight leather

  • Rugged Look

  • Color Black


If there is one thing that sets bikers apart from others, it is their style. Both men and women bikers have a specific style that gives them a certain appeal. The use of Leather Hat is one of the reasons they have that certain appeal. Among all accessories, biker headwear is perhaps the crown. When it comes to maintaining their style, bikers do not compromise.


That is why Divine Leather brings you the finest collection of biker headwear and Leather Hat Bands for both men and women. From Leather Hat, motorcycle hats to neck warmers, facemasks, and cup holders, we feature all kinds of the headwear that bikers could use to make their ride all the more comfortable.

leather hatWhether it is to beat the heat during the summers or to protect their face from icy cold winds blowing into their face, as they ride mightily on the highway.

Cold Weather lineup by introducing a new Leather Hat. This product handles the demands of hard work in cold conditions. Fast wicking materials move moisture away from the body to avoid dampness, cold, and freezing.

Durable, long-lasting Leather Hat Bands provide more insulation while resisting pilling and fighting odor, extending product life. Optimized to be used with hardhats, this product manages moisture and body temperature helping users work dry and stay warm.

More About Leather Hat

The embroidered patch is sewn onto a hat for maximum durability, not heat sealed—adjustable mesh snapback. One size fits most adults. Unisex hat for men or women. It will make an excellent golf cap, boater hat, running hat, hiking hat, surf hat, tennis hat, outdoor hat, hunting hat, or regular cap.

The best winter protection hat for men or women. A nice Leather Hat if you like an all-black Milwaukee hat. These hats have a low profile hat design, similar to a slightly curved bill. A cool hat that is modern yet a bit vintage. Represent as a biker cap. Great to gift for men or gift for women.