heated socks
heated socks
heated socks
heated socks

Milwaukee Leather Unisex Black Heated Socks (Battery Pack Included)

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  • Rigid & Durable Heated Socks

  • Easy Adjust fit

  • 7.4V Rechargeable Battery

  • Triple Heat Setting


We have the best Rigid & Durable Heated Socks with the best material in the market. It has a unique feature of heating elements on both sides. Most people cautious about the fitness of the socks because if it is loose or can loose in the meantime, then it would be uncomfortable in walking and wearing.

A 4V rechargeable battery pack powers it. These Heated Socks consists of Triple Heat Setting Control Buttons - Low, Medium, and High. Another feature worth mentioning is its brushed soft comfort for feet, elasticity.

heated socksManual control of temperature will also suit you in extremely cold or moderate cold weather. These Heated Socks are free size, great for men and women. In short words, these are Women Heated Socks too. Suits and warm on any weather or event.

The socks can be the best warm heart gift for Family, Parents, and Friends in Cold Weather. These are perfect indoor warm feet gear for cold weather. Also great for outdoor athletic activities and outdoor trail. To use them, you have to connect a cable to the battery pack, tuck it into the sock and choose one of the three settings.

Heated Socks Battery

The Lithium-ion batteries give you about 3 hours of heat on high and 7 hours on the low setting. If you’re looking for a sock to keep your feet warm on a winter walk, I think these are an excellent choice.

Women Heated Socks are made for people with demand good performance and are warmest socks for cold feet. Some people might think that it would be difficult to set or operate but before you make any rigid opinion, let me tell you simple steps that how it works to enjoy suitable warmth:

After connecting to the batteries with wires located in the sock s pocket.

Step 1: Press the ON/SETUP/OFF, then it is Red light (100% heat).
Step 2: Press the ON/SETUP/OFF again, then it is Orange light (75% heat).
Step 3: Press the ON/SETUP/OFF again, then it is Green light (50% heat).
Step 4: Press the ON/SETUP/OFF again, then the light close, and it will not heat.