Multifunctional Headwear Microfiber Seamless Plain Black Bandana

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Product Description

An essential piece of gear for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, used for cycling, fishing, golfing, hiking, hunting, motorcycling, running, skiing, snowboarding, traveling, watersports, yoga and any other outdoor and fitness activities.

A kerchief (from the French couvre-chef, "head cover"), also known as a bandana or/and bandanna, is a triangular or square piece of cloth tied around the head or neck for protective or decorative purposes

Our Bandana Contains Following Features

  • Multifunctional Headwear

  • One size fits all

  • 12+ ways to wear

  • Soft and breathable

  • 100% polyester microfiber

  • Seamless tubular knitting

  • Protection from UV, cold, wind And Viruses

Detailed Description

What can't you use a bandana for? This ubiquitous and option laden piece of cloth is part of so many survival gear lists. But we are using this simple square to its best advantages.

  1. To mark a trail. Sometimes you may need to retrace your way steps, especially if you are moving through an unfamiliar area or if you think you might get turned around easily. Leaving bandana strips along the trail or tying them to trees as you’re hiking or bugging out could prove to be a lifesaver. You can use the colored strips to find your way back or leave them so that loved ones or rescue workers have a clue as to which way you went.

  2. To clean things you find in the dirt. Well, in a survival situation, even the smallest nail on the side of the road may save your life. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and found items could just save your life in a SHTF situation. A bandana will help you quickly clean dirt or grime from found objects so you can add them to your “just in case” collection.

  3. To remove hot pots from open fire. You need something that can hold heat long enough to effectively move hot plates, pots, and other hot materials with no hassle. You may have packed surgical or work gloves but those are useless against high temperatures. To use a bandana as a pot holder, fold it over several times and grab the hot item with the thickest part protecting your hand.

  4. As a sling (to secure that broken arm, for example). Unfortunately, injuries are going to happen. Ambulances and other professional medical care might not be immediately accessible if at all. But you can turn a bandana into a sling for your arm or shoulder to immobilize it. Pack safety pins, too.

  5. As a weapon. Just fill with rocks, then tie into a bundle and hit your enemies hard. You can also use it against small game or to distract someone who might do you harm by using it as a makeshift shepherd’s sling. You’ll need to practice using the bandana in this way before you actually need to rely on it but once you know how to throw with it accurately, any bandana can be used.